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Terms and Conditions

Business Success Global Online Coaching Portal Membership

Online Coaching Portal Membership - Terms and Conditions


“Member" the person(s), company or organisation that has paid for membership to the Business Success Global, Online Coaching Portal

General Terms and Conditions

Business Success Global (BSG) - Online Coaching Portal Membership

1. In line with our published Earnings Disclaimer, from any of the content published on our website, in our guides or training, nothing will give you a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results.

2. BSG offers all information as a guide only and it cannot be considered as business, financial, medical or any other form of advice to be applied to your specific situation - it is presenting a generic way. Please refer to a trained professional who can asses your business and life situation to advise you specifically. If you are unsure before taking any actions. BSG Company does not accept liability for decisions made based on the content of any material presented in any of the online coaching sessions.

3. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any coaching session without notice.

4. All members must provide their name, email address, billing address and telephone number upon registering for membership and forms part of the condition of entry. Without this information BSG reserves the right to refuse entry to the online coaching portal for any member.

5. BSG reserves the right to ask any person to leave the online coaching portal, if their behaviour is deemed unacceptable or disruptive to others.

6. Any activity that falls in line with the recording or screen capture of any coaching course materials or presentations published on the online coaching portal is strictly forbidden.

7. All products and other materials relating to the coaching provided by BSG though the online coaching portal, for which members will be enrolled, are subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights. The copyright in all such products and materials remain the property of their owners and may not be copied, duplicated, recorded or used outside of the online coaching portal without the written permission of the copyright owner.

8. It is the responsibility of the Members to have internet connected devices to view the online coaching portal and gain access to the portal themselves. This will not be provided to the member by BSG.

9. Members are strictly prohibited from offering to sell, selling or possessing with the intent to sell any promotional and/or commercial Items within the online coaching portal. In addition, Members are strictly prohibited from providing any type of commercial service to other Members, unless expressly authorised by BSG in writing.

10. Each Member will be granted a one person licence to access the online coaching portal which will limit the login to the portal to one device at any one time. Multiple licences and memberships will be required for teams and organisations wanting to give access to multiple people within the organisation.

11. BSG reserves the right to change the format, content and delivery timescales of the online coaching portal material without notice

12. All Memberships are subject to these standard terms and conditions. In purchasing membership and access to the online coaching portal, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

Payment of Courses

13. Your membership is not secured until full and cleared payment is received

14. All membership to the BSG online coaching portal is paid for monthly in advance via PayPal.

15. Pricing may vary based on specific offers and coupon codes that may be made available. Please refer to final checkout page for final membership amount.

Cancellation and transfer procedure of course bookings (General)

16. Membership may be cancelled at any time by requesting cancellation by email to or by calling the customer support team on +44(0)1793 261 272. Membership cancellations will be actioned within 2 working days.

17. If you choose to cancel your ongoing membership access to the BSG online coaching portal, no refund will be made on any membership fees paid and all payment plans will then be cancelled.

18. Removal of your membership login details will be completed within 2 working days of your request being confirmed by a member of the BSG team, together with the removal of access to the member only forums, groups and other such benefits.

19. You may not transfer your membership to a family member, colleague or friend.