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Earnings Disclaimer

Business Success Global Earnings Disclaimer

Earnings Disclaimer

Here at Business Success Global, we believe that there are no push-button-solutions, magic silver bullets or get rich quick programmes that can give you overnight success. Success in your business will come from hard work, adding huge value to your customers and serving your marketplace in the best possible way.

From any of the content published on our website, in our guides or training, nothing will give you a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results. We are not in a position to offer any medical, financial, legal or any other professional advice. If we quantify any numbers on our website, in our videos, training or any other content, this is done purely for illustrative purposes and should never be considered actual, exact in any way or illustrative or a definitive promise of any potential earnings.

Legally we can’t and don’t make any guarantees for your ability to achieve greater results, increased success or generate any revenue from the strategies ideas, tools, training and coaching. Your results will be based on your unique situation, your efforts and your ability to provide the best products and services to your customers. Our products, training, coaching and information are here to help and serve you in your way to greater levels of success.

The passion you have will fuel your desire, will help you make space in your schedule, plus your own capacity, your experience in business and levels of expertise you have will all contribute to the levels of success you achieve and revenue you generate. The levels of success you experience and revenue you generate are not guaranteed in any way.

Any published and displayed testimonials and examples of results from members, clients and customers of Business Success Global, may show greater results that the average customer and in no way guarantee or represent the same or similar results that you could achieve. These examples of success achieved and revenue generated may never be duplicated in the future by you or any other customer.

Business Success Global can’t guarantee any of your future success or results. There are always unknown risks in any form of business venture and with marketing (both online and offline). Sometimes we can’t plan or prepare for these risks and they may lower your chances of achieving greater levels of success or indeed reduce your experience or revenue. By reading our content and information, attending our training, buying our products or receiving coaching from any member of the Business Success Global team, we are not responsible for any outcome resulting from your decision to take action in any way.

Every effort has been made to make sure the information we provide in any of our content, products, training and through our coaching services is as complete and accurate as possible. Business Success Global does not warrant that the information provided is fully complete and therefore shall not be responsible for any errors or omissions. By purchasing any product, attending training or coaching sessions, Business Success Global accepts neither responsibility nor liability to any entity or person with regards to damage or loss alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly from information, content, training or coaching provided. Professional advice should always be sought with regards to matters of finance, business and from medical experts with regards to conditions related to human health. Such advice should be sought out by a related professional before action is taken. It is assumed that you hereby release Business Success Global from any responsibility and actions from results achieved from action taken by you. It is recommended that you perform you own due diligence and ultimately you agree that Business Success Global will not be liable for any failure or success within your life or business that is indirectly or directly related to any purchase or use of products, services or information from Business Success Global.